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Our Family

Click here for Bob & Diane's past annual letters & photos (1999 to 2005, 2010,2011, 2014)

Photos in 2012 of cousins in stairwell, Jamie & Brooke ceremony, and Meagan's wedding

2013 grandkid photos: Brian, Kris, Jacob, Kennedy.  Also Meagan & John, Colin & Stephania

 ■  Bob's family - his sister Heather Parker and brother Don - live near Hamilton, NZ

 ■  Diane's family (aunts, siblings & cousins) all live in or near Houston or Galveston

 Family Cruise
New Year 2007

Diane and Bob
in Fall of 2004

Brian and Kris
at ages 3 & 2
Meagan with Brian and Khris
Meagan with
Brian & Kris

Son Colin
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