Successful Knee Replacement Surgery for Diane Davis Andrew

Diane had needed knee surgery for over a decade, but back then the artificial joints did not last long enough. She had meniscus damage and a tear was repaired surgically back then via arthroscopy, but by now all of the cartilage was gone. She could no longer walk far without excruciating pain, which meant she needed a scooter to go any distance.

Her doctor recommended her to surgeon Dr. Chris Whately who is Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at the MedCare Centre for Advanced Orthopaedics in Dubai. He goes back to the cool of Canada each summer with his family to stay current with latest developments in knee and hip replacement. He continues his involvement as faculty member at McMaster, and lecture at conferences of orthopaedic surgeons in the U.S.

Chris has been a pioneer in this area, having e.g. helped the adoption of implants which have antibiotic-fighting cements.  They were then approved by the US FDA. He is very focused upon ensuring a sterile operating environment, and all of his patients have an impeccable track record of zero infections. Infections have often been the root cause of problematic total joint replacements.

Diane's pre-surgery X-rays showed she was an inch shorter on the left side (and half-inch shorter on the right) because the knee joints had worn down that much. Yikes!

Because she has large, strong bones, she was able to get the type of joint that has a stem-post each end.  These go into hollow portion of the femur and tibia, and cemented in place. This makes for a stronger joint.

  Post-surgery X-ray showing post implant    Later, Diane may get her right knee done