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Colin Robert Andrew

His sociology degree, work experience, supervisory & interpersonal skills make him a strong candidate for careers as diverse as facilities management, retail supervision, professional / trades sales, or serving in criminal justice. Since 2007 graduation he's worked in education doing Registrar support roles.

Click here to download Colin's resume. Also a resume for his wife Stephania

To contact: e-mail Colin R Andrew @ or cell # (202) 471-4773

Colin was born in Houston, Texas in 1981, then his family moved to Colorado and next to New Zealand for his dad's energy industry global career. In 1990 family returned to Yardley PA for five years, then Washington DC for 10 years.

During that time Colin attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts and was in their Show Choir, later at Montgomery College got certificates in Business and Construction Technology, then graduated from University of Maryland Eastern Shore with BA(Hons) in Sociology
. Now enrolled in a Masters program

Colin saved to put himself through university by working for the first few years out of high school, as front-line supervisor for multi-theater movie complexes. His work included being responsible for all of the maintenance and remodeling activities during overnight hours: experience put to good advantage in future years. Carrying full course loads, he worked part-time weekends on "Odyssey" Potomac cruises, then at TGI Fridays (plus he & his dad remodeled a friend's basement into an efficiency bedroom/bathroom to live in rent-free until out of school, used it on weekends while working as facilities manager & server).