Bob's "Church of the Redeemer" Work Projects over the Years

1973: Partition 3rd Floor for Fisherman Inc, who later became the Community of Celebration

1974: Maintenance of the church's ranch buildings, barn, corrals and fences in Giddings, Texas

1976: Project Manager turning Education 1st Floor spaces into our own Montessori pre-School

1982 - 2006: Moved to Community of Celebration in Woodland Park, CO, then moved back to
Auckland NZ, then New Plymouth NZ, then Yardley PA, then Washington DC, then Clear Lake

Summer 2007: Move offices of Rector and Admin. Assistant from 3rd Floor to Parish Hall rooms

Winter 2007: Repair of Bell-Tower struck by lightning, done by Talley Construction with EIFS

Spring 2008:
Planning/negotiations with T-Mobile for grounded Cellular antennas on bell-tower

Spring 2009: Vision: Rectory to be a residence for college students, Ed. 3rd Floor for PC Labs

Summer 2009: Space plans/oversee minor remodeling, furniture for Rectory and Ed. 3rd Floor

Autumn 2009: Moved to Dubai with Petrofac after economic downtown in EPC work in Houston