Installation of new Cooling Towers - play 2 minute video

Our former Marley 495B galvanized cooling tower became severely corroded and scaled, due to a lack of cooling water treatment. Additionally, the steel support structure was badly corroded.

To fit into rectangular concrete well originally occupied in 1952 by a redwood slat tower, two circular 50-ton fiberglass towers were bought from CTS in Georgia.

The old cooling tower and structure were cut up and dumped, and a new treated timber column support structure plus full walkway were installed.

A tall aluminum gantry was then built to chain-hoist these towers in place, finally supply/return/make-up plumbing & electricity were reconnected.

See drawings and photos of the month-long project.

Using paid day labor plus volunteers, the summer 2009 project came in right at the $17,500 donated by our congregation members.

The commercial HVAC contractor who will now do quarterly inspection and maintenance of our central HVAC is Polar Air. Treatment specialists Aquatrol have installed digitally controlled water treatment which they will monitor monthly to control scaling, corrosion and biological growth.

Bob Andrew, Junior Warden
August 2009