T-Mobile Lease of Bell-Tower for a Base Station

(Back in 2005, the Diocese were pursuing a lease with Sprint, but they never concluded deal.
Now getting Diocesan approval for multi-year lease with T-Mobile for cell-site base station antennas: this facility will provide much-needed lightning protection for the church bell-tower)

See T-Mobile  photo-simulation
of the antennas: a) view from street, b) close-up of tower

T-Mobile need this site to deal with a cell-tower coverage gap in Eastwood, zip code 77023
(Once lease terms are agreed with the Diocese, may be 4th Quarter 2008 before it's installed)

PROPOSED SYSTEM (see floor plans of ground floor & above and of basement: they are 36" * 24" PDFs)

  • Multiple vertical antennas on the bell-tower roof, each aimed toward nearby cell-tower
  • Power/Telco rack/transmission equipment located on 1st floor roof (Telephone Rd side)
  • 200A service & separate sub-meter located in basement-level shared mechanical room
  • Grounding system located outside mechanical room, on Eastwood street side of church
  • T-Mobile to have 24/7 access to electrical service, transmission equipment & antenna:
    accommodate with ADT card, security code, add 2nd floor door, and bell-tower ladder.

Plan and elevation view of their proposed installation (Exhibit B of the proposed lease).


Base station antennas
, concealment, positioning and RF comm'ns in plain language.

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tic opening from third-floor Telco closet, add fixed ladder into attic