Welcome to info. about our life & work in UAE 2009-2012, and travels to UK and US

Finished at Petrofac in Sharjah Sept 2012: moved back to Houston with Petrofac
August 2012 - photo galleries of Abu Dhabi's Marina Mall and The Big Bus Tour
Panoramic photos of campus quadrangle at the American University of Sharjah

Site of Shetland Gas Plant for Laggan-Tormore project, Sullom Voe on Shetland.

2012 Updates

  35th wedding anniversary  Petrofac Oasis 2012  Driving through Scottish Highlands
  Pedestrian safety issues: dedicated drop-off & pedestrian bridge across busy Al Khan Rd
■  15 Jan moved to 27th floor apartment in Beach Tower 1 on Al Khan Corniche in Sharjah
 (moved from a one-bedroom condo, in Al Badia Hillside Village of Festival City in Dubai)

2011 Updates
■  2011-in-review 2011 Newsletter ■ Vacation & albums  ■ Summer in Dubai  ■ Artwork
"Duex Nuits dans Paris" photos of a dinner cruise on the Seine, during PERF's 83rd meeting
■  Requested safer pedestrian access at Ikea  ■ Idea for Al Taawun St intersection at E-11
■  Built AlBadiaLife.info website for residents and visitors to our village in Festival City, Dubai

2010 Updates
■  "2010-in-review" news page, with newspaper links from major newspapers in eight countries
■  2010 Newsletter   "Threads of Grace" reunion of Celebration and Post Green on 25 Sep 2010
■  Wedding of daughter Meagan to John Valenzano, Houston 10/10/10,  Rev. Nan Doerr celebrant
■  40th engineering class reunion sailing in Sweden. Colin's wedding to Stephania, 14 May 2010

Want to work in UAE? View  "Red Tape" links: banks, housing, medical, mobiles, vehicles, visas

 Recruitment, Mobilization re "PRO" help with myriad paperwork!   www.government.ae portal

For 2 years we & ShihTzus "Chai" & "PDQ" lived in condo with Yemeni architecture at "Al Badia Hillside Village" of Festival City in Dubai, near Dubai Airport, with landscaped paths to nearby Al Areesh club.

Moved there autumn 2009 - from Clear Lake, TX home - when Bob was offered "Technical Specialist - HSE Design" by Petrofac in Sharjah, a necessary move because Houston EPC businesses underwent downturn transitions. He became "HSE, Risk & Regulatory" Design Integrity leader on Yoloten sour gas field project in Turkmenistan, to export natural gas to China through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan via the world's longest pipeline provides Turkmenistan with a competitive alternative to Russia. In late 2010 Bob was assigned to an Integrity Assurance role on Shetland Gas Plant project for TOTAL. Mid-2011 he took on the additional role of "Knowledge Trustee" for "Technology@Petrofac" intranet.