Pollinators Central Role in "Grace Community Garden"

Center-piece of the garden is a 15ft-diam. raised "pollinator bed", a quite different style from the vegetable gardens around it.  It will be planted in species that are native to Texas, and attractive to "pollinators" that go from plant to plant thus get better yield of crops. Examples of pollinators are butterflies, bees, wasps, beetles, hummingbirds.

Part of our challenge is local nurseries offering "native plants", but actually have mainly hybrids or exotic plants that may offer little to no benefit to the pollinators.

Fortunately "Native Plant Society - Houston Chapter" is a source of coastal prairie plants, plus we can buy transplants from the "Houston Audubon Society", and seeds from Native American Seed in Junction, TX. 

Design of the pollinator garden is Nancy Hannan, certified native landscap
e designer and member of Grace Church.

Once established, a pollinator garden will need very little care, and it provides so many interesting things to enjoy: flowers, bees, butterflies. Some plants chosen will attract "beneficials" - insects that go after common garden pests.

This pollinator garden features a large central birdbath - greeting all who enter!

The hum of bees is the voice of the garden" - Elizabeth Lawrence, gardener, landscape artist