Geospatial Referencing for Long-Term Stewardship

Challenge: As a condition of the National Defense Authorization Act, the U.S. Department of Energy in 1999 issued a “data call” out to all 137 sites that contained nuclear waste materials. ICF Consulting did all of the consolidation of CAD and GIS spatial information for the Report to U.S. Congress, and the resulting maps were also posted at (but after the terrorist events of 9/11/2001 are now only on CD-ROM by authorized request).

Solution: Subsequently DOE Long-Term Stewardship Office asked ICF Consulting to take a lead on nation-wide spatial data strategy: to ensure that DOE- site level and national level requirements were consistent and complementary, to be an independent reviewer for three GIS pilot field sites for FY2002 and serve upon their Information Management workgroup. In addition, ICF Consulting is conducting a limited scope pilot on standardizing layers and symbology, using five major sites as the test cases. This work is supported by our White Paper on the role of geo-referencing in long-term stewardship.

Benefits: Part of this work includes working with other federal agency workgroups on annual reports to Congress (Department of Defense), with staff working on Enterprise GIS standards (the Environmental Protection Agency and Bureau of Land Management) and groups working on interoperability standards (the Federal Geographic Data Committee and Open GIS Consortium

ICF Consulting continues to work with both FGDC and OGC to help accelerate the completion of the “Geospatial One-Stop” initiative by OMB as authorized by the President’s Management Council as one of 23 priority e-government initiatives.