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Foxhall Community, Washington DC

We moved to Foxhall neighborhood west  of Georgetown DC in 1995, a transfer from Mobil R&D in Princeton to Mobil Global Professional Services in Fairfax, VA just across the Potomac river. We bought a home on Foxhall Rd

Bob served four years as President and seven years as the webmaster of  Foxhall Community Citizens Association, with personal board portfolios of traffic issues, universities and schools. For three years he wrote a weekly column in the "Georgetown Current" on civic  issues: e.g. education, recreation, traffic, crime, campus plans, zoning. After tragic events of 9/11/2001 he did Website designs for non-profits, civic organizations, and small firms. Summer 2002 he was the Logistics manager for Casey Trees inventory of 100,000+ street trees in 10 weeks resulting in an interactive map.

As a Board member of Federation of Citizens Ass'ns and Transportation committee rep. on the Committee of 100, Bob provided detailed peer review of the DC Atlas. He facilitated meetings with senior DC land use attorneys to get their firms' records - better than DC's at that time - into updating records needed to create DC's first electronic zoning map. Pro-bono, as a senior private industry member of DC's GIS community, he advised DCRA on business processes to get all DC's historic land parcel info in electronic form, with one qualified firm doing digitizing, and a separate equally-qualified firm for QA/QC.

Bob used his master-planning, transportation and land use knowledge as an oil industry facilities engineer to submit detailed EIS testimony and comment on a major Canal Rd traffic entrance into Georgetown University; also testimony and comment on a land transfer with National Park Service for a mayoral residence. He represented FCCA on 10-year Campus Plan negotiations with three universities, and with Board of Zoning Adjustment processes to allow/expand neighborhood private schools: relocated Rock Creek International School and Field School, plus expanded Georgetown Day, Lab School and St. Patrick's school.
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