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"In Your Neighborhood" column in weekly "Georgetown Current"

Column is now inactive, but these archive issues are provided on-line for reference.
Collection of columns with links as submitted verbatim to Georgetown Current editor.
(The print edition of the "Georgetown
Current"papers incorporated editorial changes)
Managing Editor of the "Current" newspapers is Chris Kain, Publisher is Davis Kennedy.

Oct 1999-Jan 2001 written by Bob Andrew  (column by Erica Miller early 2002 only)

2 Jan 2002 Fate of Hardy Rec. Ctr Director & Bob Andrew's Last Column
26 Dec 2001 New Director at Hardy Rec. Center & RPP Transition's timing
19 Dec 2001 Dedicated Engine Company 29 and Hardy Rec'n Center staff
12 Dec 2001 DMV at Shops in Georgetown Park, and PSA staffing options
5 Dec 2001 Flea Market/Safeway parking and speed control innovations 
28 Nov 2001 GU updates campus plan and MedStar finishes traffic study
21 Nov 2001 Kudos on traffic lights; pain from Parking Services at circles
14 Nov 2001 Dump trucks & narrow alleys, irresponsibility re street trees
7 Nov 2001 Residential parking by ANC/SMD; trees and poles at Cafritz
31 Oct 2001 Halloween parade, firehouse feast, and campus plan legalism
24 Oct 2001 Street resurfacing and reconstruction. Riverside and RCIS
17 Oct 2001 Quiet shuttle planes; need to refine Georgetown Classic 10K
10 Oct 2001 Refine rules for National Airport: quiet planes - takeoff south
3 Oct 2001 Register for Citizen Summit II at
26 Sep 2001 Bring back (quiet) planes, enjoy 9th "Taste of Georgetown"
19 Sep 2001 New traffic website - why not DC as well?
12 Sep 2001 Soccer at Hardy, Georgetown 10K & RCIS growth options
5 Sep 2001 Correction: Bills 14-0250 & 0251 are not yet law; also RPP
29 Aug 2001 DPW adds enforcement for ROSA, need to improve towing
22 Aug 2001 ANC Redistricting Task Forces wrestle with SMD borders
15 Aug 2001 Summary of GU Campus Plan "Order on Reconsideration"
8 Aug 2001 Federation of Citizens Association's role in Campus Plans
1 Aug 2001 MPD and DOT work together on tools to reduce speeding
25 July 2001 Councilors Evans, Patterson and Mendelson speak at FCCA
18 July 2001 Hardy fencing/bricks, Ward traffic list, Don't Block the Box
11 July 2001 Cross-ward ANC boundaries & Residential Parking permits
4 July 2001 MPD Partnership for Problem Solving & Cluster 13 Process
27 June 2001 Taking the multi-year view for the Campus Planning process
20 June 2001 Traffic lane/parking options to allow M St sidewalk widening
13 June 2001 Latest Council Redistricting Plan still puts us in Ward 3- why?
6 June 2001 New Mayoral residence at 1801 Foxhall: how shall it be used?
30 May 2001 Plans B and H converge to common conclusion: split Tract 8.2
23 May 2001 Important resident victories in governance from BZA & NCPC
16 May 2001 Councilor Evans and Patterson's role in redistricting of FCCA
9 May 2001 Impact on ANC & resident parking of moving back to Ward 3
2 May 2001 Hardy Field turf saved; Canal Rd GU entrance design safety
25 Apr 2001 Ward boundary adjustments for Wards 1/2/3/4 and SMDs
18 Apr 2001 Casey Mansion testimony to Official Residence Commission
11 Apr 2001 Redistricting options for D.C.'s Wards, ANCs and SMDs
4 Apr 2001 Detailed Census 2000 data and final GU Campus plan by BZA
28 Mar 2001 Useful new websites: ANC2E  and D.C.'s Office of Planning
21 Mar 2001 Eugene B. Casey Foundation grants for DC Trees & Mansion
14 Mar 2001 Ensuring  FCCA young families & business travelers can vote
7 Mar 2001 The Great Soccer Field Debate ... Fence it in, or no Fence, or ...
28 Feb 2001 Campus Planning in commercially-zoned area & soccer fencing
21 Feb 2001 Impact of GWU campus plan decision on regulatory language
14 Feb 2001 Congrats to Leslie Hotaling appointed permanent head of DPW
7 Feb 2001 Thanks to 'Current' delivery person Susan Palmer & Hardy news
31 Jan 2001 Campus Plan regulatory reform & MVC woes with DCRA/DOT
24 Jan 2001 Councillor Jack Evans at FCCA & our Community Sing-Along
17 Jan 2001 Death of a homeless person, and services available thru GMC
10 Jan 2001 DC Agency Scorecard for Foxhall, upcoming NPC/PSC meetings
3 Jan 2001 Standardizing route for dump trucks from GU to do turnaround
27 Dec 2000 Appropriate size for Supermarkets; options for the Brady estate
20 Dec 2000 Tot Lot Crew, Soccer Field with Forney, and Canal Road Lights
13 Dec 2000 Dump Trucks, Where's PEPCO & DPR? and Town-Gown Mixer
6 Dec 2000 Fox 5 Community Forum on Traffic issues and DPR work delays
29 Nov 2000 Temporary lights for dump trucks & adopting Glover-Archbold
22 Nov 2000 Selecting Reservoir Rd Traffic Consultant and DOT follow-thru
15 Nov 2000 Full slate for FCCA Board, Brady estate and traffic implications
8 Nov 2000 FCCA Annual Meeting, new President & Neighborhood Planner
1 Nov 2000 Halloween winners, Field Renovation timing and Brady Estate
25 Oct 2000 Soccer & Softball Construction Update and Halloween Parade
18 Oct 2000 GU & Residents response to BZA and involvement of students
11 Oct 2000 Playground Pals project approved, basketball & soccer are next
4 Oct 2000 Hardware & Grocery Stores and a new City Service Center West
27 Sep 2000 GU's progress on projects and new Off-Campus Student Affairs
20 Sep 2000 Georgetown Classic 10K course selection and economic impact 
13 Sep 2000 Yard  & Book sales, BBQ, alley cleanup, picnic & FCCA meeting
6 Sep 2000 Recap on MedStar/GU north campus & traffic recommendations
30 Aug 2000 Recap on student behavior and interim GU off-campus housing
23 Aug 2000 Community recap on length of GU campus plan and enrollment
16 Aug 2000 GU response: "off-campus student housing management plan"
9 Aug 2000 Comparing MVC campus plan mediation process with GU 2000
2 Aug, 2000 Economic options for University facilities & DCRP project sign
26 July 2000 Controls on offsite student housing & DC Zoning Commission
19 July 2000 Smart technology for turning stack lanes & city project progress
12 July, 2000 Individual Comments on GU Campus Plan for BZA on July 18th
5 July, 2000 Changes underway in DPW Management and at MPD Traffic 
28 June, 2000 FCCA Special meeting on GU Campus Plan & Fox 5 Morning Show
21 June, 2000 Potential Census Undercount & Being  Encircled by Road Races
14 June, 2000 GU Campus plan mediation, BZA process and key FCCA issues
7 June, 2000 Urban Summer Camp (ages 7-12) and Sundial (ages 3-5) at Hardy
31 May, 2000 Hardy Playground Pals and Washington  Beyond the Monuments
24 May, 2000 DPW commitment to options for Reservoir Road traffic mitigation
17 May, 2000 Foundry Branch Tunnel, Mediation Process & Projects @ Hardy
10 May, 2000 C&O Canal "Park Watch / Leave No Trace" program for our area
3 May, 2000 Street tree replacement, play equipment, callboxes & park cleanup
Apr 26, 2000 DCRP Playground Equipment Policy & Impact on Capital Projects
Apr 19, 2000 GU Campus Plan process, Optimum Size and Facilitation process
Apr 12, 2000 Burying conduit on Canal Rd and need to synchronize city's work
Apr 5, 2000 DRP "Hardy Urban Camp" and RCIS Merry-Go-Round-the-World
Mar 29, 2000 MPD enforcement of DPW signs re no left-turn in a.m. rush hour
Mar 22, 2000 OP new planning coordinators by ward, & DC Service Managers
Mar 15, 2000 Retirement of DPW's Gary Burch and bottleneck in traffic projects
Mar 8,2000 Which ANC should FCCA be part of: ANC2E or ANC3D? & why?
Mar 1, 2000 Politicians, Education, the Middle Class & impact of E-commerce!
Feb 23, 2000 Campus Plan process for workgroups, role for Office of Planning
Feb 16, 2000 DRP new Permit Procedures - implications for Hardy Field usages
Feb 9, 2000 DPW needs flexibility to contract side street/alley snow removals
Feb 2, 2000 DPW's "One Size Fits All" solutions don't work for snow and ice.
Jan 26, 2000 Intelligent Traffic Systems: vehicle sensors, web-video, signal sync.
Jan 19, 2000 Why the new Hardy Rec playground equipment isn't yet in place!
Jan 12, 2000 Promotions in MPD 2nd District and agenda for FCCA's Jan 2000
Jan 5, 2000 Changes in Foxhall community association over the last 100 years
Dec 29, 1999 Expand on vision for public & gateway space in Foxhall/Reservoir
Dec 22, 1999 Anticipation of new playground equipment at Hardy and RCIS
Dec 15, 1999 Campus Plans, Info. Technology, DPW & Comprehensive Plans
Dec 8, 1999 1st RCIS-BZA Meeting  & Hardy Playground Equip. replacement
Dec 1, 1999 NCPC to hear  FHWA proposed Alt 2A Canal Rd Entrance to GU
Nov 24, 1999 Outcomes of Mayor's Neighborhood Action summit for our area
Nov 17, 1999 Mediation for MVC Campus Plan & St Patrick's School Approval
Nov 10, 1999 FHWA, Canal Rd FCCA Annual meeting, elect  Officers & Board
Nov 3, 1999 Halloween Parade, Decorate Pumpkins, Judge Costumes, Pictures
Oct 27,1999 Traffic Management proposed by FCCA to ANC2E (Part 2 of 2)
Oct 20,1999 Intro, Traffic Management, Sewer Repair, Block-long Yard Sales