London 2012 Olympics
& the 2012 Paralympics
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Watch NBC highlights live on YouTube, and "How to Watch Games Online" (Mashable)

2005    London wins bid to host in 2012 (Wikipedia)

Construction begins on the Olympic Stadium

10 May Torch Relay
(Wikipedia), and Torch Design

21 June
to 9 September: London 2012 Festival events

24 July
"Let the Games Begin"; similar clip on 7 Jan

27 July
8:12 am "All the Bells" rang for three minutes

27 July Opening Ceremony highlights (video by ABC),
             pictures, making of James Bond & Queen,
             "Abide With Me"
(omitted by NBC in U.S.A.)

12 Aug
BBC video of Games in Review and the full
            Closing Ceremony (available in UK only)

12 Aug
Iconic Images from London 2012 (BBC)

13 Aug Pictures
from the Closing Ceremony (BBC)

14 Aug
Medal Tables: Real Winners & Losers (BBC)
Country-Specific Olympic Coverage

■  AUS - The Australian
■  CAN - The Globe and Mail
■  N.Z. - New Zealand Herald

■  UAE - Khaleej Times
, Dubai
■  UAE - Gulf News, Abu Dhabi

■  U.K. - BBC
(features all 2012)
■  U.K. - Twenty-Twelve
■  U.K. - The Daily Mail
■  U.K. - The Independent

■  U.S. - Los Angeles Times
■  U.S. -
The New York Times

Oh so British!

Entertainers at the Opening &
at the Closing ceremonies.

(Mr. Bean;
Spice Girls

Historical: NZ's top 20 Olympic moments